The Greywall Clubhouse will remain closed until further notice.

The Greywall Pool will not open this 2020 season. Please see Clubhouse Information tab for more information. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness

The Detached Board has extended

the 2020 Annual Assessment due date thru June 1st, 2020

due to the State's Stay-At-Home Order.

Govenor Priztker extended the State issued 'Stay-At-Home Order',

consequently the Clubhouse and Fitness Center activities

will be unavailable until the order is no longer in effect.

(currently the Order is in effect thru May 29th 2020)

COVID-19 External Resources

 Detached HOA BOARD Appointment

The Detached Board of Directors is seeking a qualified candidate to serve on the Board to fulfill a vacant position

as Board Secretary.

Interested candidates should contact the Property Manager to be considered for the appointment.

(the term for the vacant position is through February 2021)

NEW Community Clubhouse Rules

Effective February 18th, the Community Board of Directors approved new Clubhouse Rules & Regulations.  

The link to view the new Clubhouse Rules is available from the 

Clubhouse Information menu.

(click here to jump to Clubhouse Information menu to link to the revised Community Clubhouse Rules)

 Detached HOA Annual Meeting

On February 10th, two new members were elected

to the Detached HOA

Board of Directors

(click here to see the names of the current Board)

 Detached HOA Assessments

The Detached HOA assessment has been 

REDUCED and CHANGED from a quarterly

to an ANNUAL collection schedule.

The annual assessment is due in full by June 1st, 2020.

(refer to your annual budget mailing for the reduced amount)