2020 Annual Meeting
February 10th, 2020,
two new members were elected to the Detached HOA Board of Directors.

The Detached Board of Directors is seeking a qualified candidate to serve on the Board to fulfill a vacant position as Board Secretary.

Interested candidates should contact the Property Manager to be considered for the appointment.

Candidates will be asked to complete and submit an application, and attend the next BOD Meeting.

(the term for the vacant position is through February 2021)

2020 Budget Approval
The Detached HOA Assessment has been
REDUCED and CHANGED from a quarterly
to an ANNUAL collection schedule. 
The annual assessment due date has been extended thru June 1st, 2020.
(refer to your annual budget mailing for the reduced amount)
Separate but Equal

The Detached Homes of Greywall Club has its own unique set of issues and accomplishments.   We encourage constructive feedback, suggestions for improvements, sharing helpful information, volunteering, and meeting participation when you can!          


  • Declarations and By-Laws

    • Restrictions

  • Violations and Enforcement

    • Garbage Containers

      • Storage and Placement

    • Fence Conformity

      • Type, Height, Placement

    • Driveways

      • Storage of Trailers

      • Recreational Vehicles

      • Commercial Vehicles

      • Inoperable Vehicles

    • New Violation Fining Structure

    • Yard Signs

    • Above Ground Pools


  • Clubhouse

    • New Pool Rules and Regulations (TBA)

    • New Clubhouse rules and regulations (02/20/20)

    • Greywall Walking Path Maintenance 

  • Pond Maintenance

Our Board

President -  Wesley N. (*)

Vice President - Mark T.

Secretary - <vacant>

Treasurer - Bill H.

Director -   Brad W. (*)

(*) newly elected members

Current Homeowner Count


as of: 02/02/2020